C Lovers and other critters

Winw, K and I went for fish and chips about a week ago. We had a giftcard for C Lovers we had gotten at the PNE so planned this dinner at the Denman location to use it up. 

"Best fish & chips in town"

It's pretty old looking inside.

There was an all you can eat option for $11.99 and since one of the dinner platters is already that much, we all decided to go for it.

Winw and I ordered a small chowder to start. It has vegetables and halibut in it. Didn't look that good but it was ok.

All you can eat fish and chips came on a plate with about 5 pieces of fish to start. The type of fish is pollock. Junk food fish for the sea lions in the wild! I couldn't tell the difference between cod and pollock though. The younger fish tasted better than the older ones, which had a tougher texture. Batter was nice and crispy. I also liked the thick fries.

Half way into our meal, I saw something. Some large brown thing scurried across the floor. "What was that?!" Earlier in the week, a huge, huge spider scurried across the floor at my workplace so I was a little jumpy. This was no spider. No. It was a mouse! During the 1 and half hours, we were there I saw a least three different mice. Sure they are cute but they don't belong scurrying around a restaurant!

Yeah...so that was my experience there. All I can think about is the mice. I guess it's a plus that we didn't get sick. =/

The health authority had been notified and said that the owner is aware of the problem is taking steps to get rid of the mice.

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1 comment:

ww said...

The mice totally ruined the meal. Also K found a green particle in the batter. Who knows what that could be!