Marshmallow Madness!

Did you know you can easily make marshmallows at home?! I just recently found that out with the help of the book Marshmallow Madness! by Shauna Sever! This book is amazing. It has a puff cover and so many marshmallow recipes from Classic Vanilla to Margarita to Maple-Bacon Marshmallows. It also covers tricks for fancy marshmallow shapes, as well as some other recipes that incorporates marshmallows. All in all a great resource for someone wondering how marshmallows are made and try their hand at making it at home - like me!

It was bake night with my friends Miche and Winw! Marshmallows are made mainly from water, sugar, corn syrup, and gelatine. That's it! The rest is flavouring. Ignore the sprinkles for now, I'll get to that in a following up post. We decided to just start off with the Classic Vanilla Marshmallow recipe though it kind of turned into the Malibu Marshmallows but without the coconut rum by substituting some of the vanilla extract with coconut extract.

Boiled a corn syrup, sugar, water, salt mixture until it reached 240F and mixed it with the rest of the corn syrup and melted geletin.

It's amazing to watch the watery mixture turn into a thick pillowy consistency!

We used a regular baking pan because that's all I had but probably better if the pan was a little deeper.

Now, you have to wait about 6 hours for the marshmallows to set. I neglected to read this part of the recipe when I invited my friends over at 8pm. XD So we had to continue making the marshmallows the next day.

Meanwhile, Miche toasted some coconut bits on the stove to a beautiful golden brown colour. It smelled soooo good!

You are suppose to coat the finished marshmallow with a corn starch and icing sugar mixture so that it's not so sticky but here we are coating it with toasted coconut.

Phew! Winw said it was like a marshmallow sweatshop!

The finished product. They are SO DELICIOUS!

Marshmallow Madness! is a great and fun cook book and only costs $13.68 on if you are interested in making your own marshmallows. Happy cooking!

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