P!nk The Truth About Love Tour

I waited for this concert for what seemed like forever. Bought the tickets on presale all the way back in March and have been counting down the days since! And on Monday, October 21st, P!nk was finally here! Was it worth the wait? A resounding YES! One of the best concerts I've ever been to!

The opener was New Politics. Their set wasn't too bad. I liked a fair bit of their songs.

P!nk's concert started with this ringleader guy wandering around tormenting delighting the audience with his antics. He was funny and weird! He kind of licked a guy's bald head. XD

The Truth About Love was the started off the concert with a bang. It was weird to hear P!nk's voice coming out of the ringleader's mouth!

He was going to chose a member of the audience to join him on stage to open their eyes to the truth about love.

And that person turned out to be P!nk! She was "in the audience" on screen! Hahaha she's so fun!

It's been 11 years since the last time she was in Vancouver. She sung a lot of her hits from older to newer ones and I loved them all! Clean versions of her songs because she says she's a mother now. lol 5 years ago, she'd still drop the f-bomb and 5 years in the future probably but right now she doesn't. =)

P!nk is amazing. She does acrobats while singing!

Hahaha P!nk wasn't the only one to do some acrobatics. The ringleader came out dressed out as cupid complete with diaper! Hilarious!

Apparently, P!nk likes to learn something new each tour. Last time it was guitar and this time it was piano. She played The Great Escape for us.

She flew above the audience during her explosive performance of So What. It was so awesome!
 (I'm uploading the clip I took of this sequence onto Youtube. Check back later.)

P!nk sung the beautiful Glitter in the Air to end the concert. She's an amazing artist and performer and I would not hesitate to go to her concert again. Let's hope it's not going to be another 11 years before coming back to Vancouver!

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