The Big Sipper is World’s Largest Smoothie!

This was a pretty cool event. The record for the world's largest smoothie was just broken last week on Friday, September 27th in downtown Vancouver. Too bad it was during the work day! I couldn't be there in person but a coordinator of the event was nice enough to provide me some photos to share with you guys.

Happy Planet, Canada’s leading all-natural food and juice company, broke the previous record of 1,516L with a 2,074L smoothie.

“The Big Sipper” was made with raspberries, bananas, yogurt, vanilla almond milk and agave nectar.

Happy Planet made the colossal smoothie with help from volunteers and Chef David Robertson of the Dirty Apron Cooking School and Delicatessen. Samples of the smoothie were then handed out for a donation towards the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society!

Photos by Jenny Lee-Leugner/Happy Planet. Used with permission.

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