Tasting Plates Kitsilano West 4th Edition

The West 4th Edition of Tasting Plates was held on Sunday, October 6th from 4pm to 9pm. This was my first ever Tasting Plates! For those who don't know, Tasting Plates is a self guided food event founded and arranged by Richard Wolak (VancouverFoodster.com). During the event, people who have purchased tickets go around to different participating restaurants, which serve a sample dish from their menu. Tickets go on sale several months in advance and early bird purchasers get the tickets at about half price, but you purchase blind; the restaurant lineup hasn't been determined yet. This is what I did. 

My food adventure started at the registration tent at the corner of 4th & Yew. Not even 4pm yet and there was a long line up.

After I got my tasting plate map card, I started off heading north since Bibo was open for two tastings at 4:30pm and 5pm. I signed up for 5pm since it was only 10 minutes until 4:30pm and I saw a lot of people rush off.

The Tasting Plates event coincided with the Feast of Fourth, which was held to spotlight restaurants and specialty food and beverage shops on West 4th Avenue. Each restaurant had this sign outside to help guide Tasting Plates participants.

Las Margaritas Mexican on Urbanspoon

I started at Las Margaritas. I've been here before but it was so, so long ago!

I must have been the first one there! Nobody was there when I came in! Chips & Home-made Salsa all for me! J/K lol        

Scallop Ceviche, Cochinita Pibil Tostada and Chicken Taquito. I was surprised at the portion that was served. You get a lot to try! I think I liked this the best out of everything I ate at Tasting Plates. I was out the door and on my way before the large crowd came settling down after me and headed to Bibo for pizza!

BiBo Pizzeria con Cucina on Urbanspoon

Arrived ten to five and the line wasn't too long but by the time I left it was out the door! Phew! Beat the crowd!

The chefs were tossing the pizza dough and serving pizza hot from the fire oven to the waiting crowd.

We had the Cheese and Basil pizza and Eggplant pizza. The cheese was so stringy it was hard to get on the plate!

Romer's Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

Romer's Burger Bar had a line up out the door when I arrived.

Even after being seated, it took a while for the burgers to arrive. The wait was so long, some people even left to return later. We were allowed to try two out of the three types of burgers offered. The 3 choices were
  1. The standard with aged cheddar.  Heritage farms angus beef, vibe ripened tomatoes, crisp iceberg, sweet onions, house made spicy pickles. Served on Romer's signature brioche bun and "R" sauce. 
  2. Magic Mushroom  - Heritage farms angus beef, sautéed onions and Portobello mushrooms, organic arugula and house made aioli.  Served on Romer's signature brioche bun and topped with creamy Boursin.  
  3. SoCal Turkey Burger  Organic fraser valley house made turkey patty with soliagiatti tomatoes, avocado, red onions and watercress.  Served on Romer's signature brioche bun with chipotle aioli.  
I tried the Magic Mushroom and the SoCal Turkey Burger. Both were pretty good. Liked the avocado in the SoCal Turkey burger. I was already pretty full by this point and I wasn't even half way!

Döner Kebab on Urbanspoon

Next was Doner Kebab.

Falafel (home-made with Chick pea, soybean, lentil plus spices) with Mixed salad, Hummus and Pita bread. Really liked the falafel and hummus but would have enjoyed it better if it didn't feel like I was having my 4th dinner at this point. XD

Jackson's Meats & Deli on Urbanspoon

I thought this was unusual when I heard Jackson's Meats and Deli was participating. I thought that's not a restaurant! But they surprised me with great stuff!

1) Braised short ribs, 2) Split pea and Jackson's Irish ham Soup,

and 3) Finocchio Sausage. The short ribs were a little salty for my taste but I loved the pea soup! The sausage was all natural and had no preservatives. Pretty good!

O5 Rare Tea Bar on Urbanspoon

Right next door was O5 Rare Tea Bar, where they were serving samples of Premium fresh ground matcha shot, Ghorka Kombucha tea and Jamaica candied hibiscus flower.

Jamaica candied hibiscus flower,  Ghorka Kombucha tea, Premium fresh ground matcha shot. I liked the Ghorka Kombucha tea. It's sweet and fizzy. The candied hibiscus flower was even sweeter! Loved it.

 Guanaco Truck on Urbanspoon

Hand-made tortilla filled with ground chicken, vegetables, cheese, loroco and savory refried black beans. Pupusas in appetizer sizes and pieces of fried cassava and Yuca Frita. I could only take a few bites. Too full! The Yuca Frita was interesting. Like potato fries but more solid. I liked it. They also gave us a cup of a drink made of crushed morrow seeds. It was sweet and I liked it very much. It reminded me of a soy drink for some reason.

Culprit Coffee on Urbanspoon

I'm glad I left Culprit Coffee until the last because they were serving coffee with desserts! I love their yellow brick storefront and their cute logo!

Espresso Macchiato made from Fernwood coffee from Vancouver Island and three types of gluten free goodies: house made baguette with house made raspberry chia jam, white chocolate and honey pecan brittle cookie with Maldon sea salt and a Chocolate raspberry financier. It was a great end to the Tasting Plates event!

The event was quite enjoyable. It was nice that all the restaurants were in a walkable area and we lucked out with the gorgeous weather! Talked to random people participating in the event, made some new friends, and the food was all delicious. The amount of food you get is totally worth the price of the ticket! I was so full. What I really needed was a doggie bag.

The next Tasting Plates is going to be taking place in the East Village on November 27. Early bird tickets are on sale now for $24.50 until October 31st. Get it now if you are interested because prices jump up to $40 after the end of the month! http://tastingplateseastvillage-eorg.eventbrite.com/

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