Chill Winston Restaurant & Lounge

Kangaroo! I LOVE kangaroo. I am always on the hunt for more ever since I first tried it the EPIC festival. I wanted to visit Chill Winston ever since I discovered that they have it on the menu! Chill Winston is located in a cool brick building in Gastown.

In addition to the huge patio outside, there's a big space inside and also couches to lounge on.

Bowler hats are hung up in the center of the space.

There was also this cool chandelier made of glass cups!

Kangaroo 16 4oz of superlean, superomega, superfood. A kangaroo duo of steak and carpaccio. Starter or light meal
This was the dish, we specifically came to Chill Winston for. It was pretty good. I preferred the carpaccio over the steak but both were great in my books. It was served with some fingerling potatoes, a quail egg and a light salad. Yum!

Crab Cakes 16 Insanely good 100% Dungeness crab cakes (no filler!) served with peach chutney and yuzu emulsion
The dishes do get pricier and pricier the further right you go on the menu (bigger dishes), so we stuck to the small and medium sized ones to share. The crab cakes were very good even though they were small.

Bison Rillette 12 Very very very slowly cooked bison. Shredded for sharing (or not). Spread onto bread.
The Bison Rillette was K's favourite. I still liked the kangaroo better than bison, but I can't deny that it was very tasty especially with the mustard seed sauce.

Bone Marrow 14¾ Organic roasted beef bones served with onion relish and crispy shallots. Meat butter.
The last dish we ordered, I wasn't too fond of. It was the bone marrow. I've eaten marrow before and love it, but this time it was like eating straight fat. It was white and solid and had no flavour. Yuck. The rest of the stuff on the plate was ok. Kale, crispy shallots, mustard seed sauce and apricot jam; they were all good, just not the marrow. I especially liked the crispy shallots and the apricot jam. Mmm. 

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Anneliese Mak said...

I think kangaroo may be my favourite kind of meat! All of this food looks amazing though, I'm getting hungry at 1am haha.

Jenny said...

Hahah sorry about that! Yes! It is mine as well!