Bikram Yoga and the #30DayChallenge

I did it. I set a goal and I achieved it.

Ever since I started working, I've been leading a sedentary lifestyle and gaining weight all the while. Well enough was enough and I decided I needed some form of activity in my life otherwise I'll end up a roly-poly. My friend convinced my to try Bikram Yoga and there was a Groupon out for 1 month unlimited so I did. And I also set a challenge for myself: 30 classes in 30 days continuously. And I did it! I actually did 31 days. I started on June 1st and ended on July 1st. I took a break on July 2nd. =)

The centre I went to also put out a challenge after I started: the 4x4 challenge, which is at least 4 classes each week for 4 weeks and you get $4 deposited into your account. Since this was a subset of my 30 day challenge, this was no problem for me. The upside was that we got to put stickers beside our names every day we attended. Look at my continuous row of stickers! I am so happy. I love stickers. Heehee. =D

Bikram Yoga consists of 26 beginner yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in hot room. Each class lasts 90 minutes. The first week was hell. All my muscles I ever had had dissolved away prior to this so I had to work extra hard every class. Most days I just gasped for air and looked forward to a cold shower at the end of class. It gets really really hot! Every time there was a break with "Dead man pose", I was thinking to myself: "why am I here? I'm not going to come back tomorrow". But I stuck to it and tried my best at every pose and after 4 weeks I feel better and stronger than I ever was. I have muscles on my legs I never had before! Crazy! And now I don't feel as hot. I actually feel it's too cold outside the room and have a hot shower instead of a cold one. I also feel hungry all the time hahah.

I'm still gasping for air sometimes, I need to work on breathing through my nose instead of my mouth and I'm still very wobbly and my legs are still not that strong but I am going to continue this and see where it will take my body. Maybe next will be a 60 day challenge?

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magemadness said...

Good job!!

Binaryman said...

Wow! Congrats!

Yoga lessons Perth said...

Happy to hear you completed the challenge! I'd love to achieve something similar. If I work hard enough, I know I can do it, too.