Celebration of Light 2012 - Vietnam


The 22nd annual Celebration of Light kicked off last Saturday at English Bay. This time year there was a change is sponsorship so it is now the Honda Celebration of Light. Vietnam gave the first performance this year, starting off with a bang! Lots of colour and I loved the huge huge fireworks that went so high in the sky.

Their soundtrack changed many times going from Vietnam music to Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith to  Magnificent Seven to One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful. I loved it! The timing of their fireworks with the music was spot on. 

Part I:
Oriental culture -  Country and the people of Vietnam 
Matsuri (Kitaro)  
The wings of the sun (Five strings)
Part II: Western culture -- Country and the people of Canada
Gladiator (soundtrack from Gladiator) 
Zoosters breakout (soundtrack from Madagascar) 
Four strong winds (Neil Young)  

Part III: Danang - Vancouver: Similarities
The Canadian dream (Sam Robert) 
Sweet emotion (Aerosmith)   

Part IV: Vietnam - Canada: A cooperation for development
What makes you beautiful (One direction) 
The Magnificent seven (Erich Kurzel)

I didn't have a tripod with me this year. I just got to English Bay five minutes before it started and I happened to have my camera with me. Haha. You can tell I was shaking! Most of the photos I took were with 2 sec exposure. I couldn't get any longer than that without going so very blurry. =)

Next up will be Brazil on Wednesday, August 1st starting at 10pm. It should be another exciting show! See you there!

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