Making Kale Chips


I've heard about kale for a while now. There's even a whole book about it. People are raving about how nutritious it is and especially about how easy it is to make kale chips. So I decided to try my hand in making some. After buying two bunches at the Farmers Market on Saturday, I had about an hour in between events to make something.

Two of my friends already made them. One recommended that I get at least two bunches (because after they are dried it doesn't make much) and the other recommended I add garlic. I can't say no to garlic!

The kale chips didn't turn out disastrous! Yay! They were a hit with the family. Yummy!

Here's my ad hoc recipe:

2 bunches of kale (I had 8 big leaves in total)
1 tblsp of olive oil
1 tsp of salt (or a little less)
3/4 clove of garlic (you can use less if you don't like it too garlicy!)

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
  2. Wash kale, dry and remove leaves from stem. Tear into bit-sized pieces into a big bowl.
  3. Peel and puree garlic mix with the oil and salt
  4. Mix the garlic oil mixture into the your kale and mix well. Try to coat every single piece.
  5. Spread the kale onto a baking sheet (lined with parchment paper otherwise it'll stick to the pan like mine did) and bake for ~15 minutes until the edges are brown but not burnt.
I had to keep checking mine. The garlic made the kale wetter so it might have taken longer to dry than normal. Some of them were still not all the way dried when I took them out of the oven. 

My mom and I were eating it the ones that were ready right out of the oven! It's amazing how fast these kale chips disappear! Mum says it's sort of like eating seaweed and was wondering if we could make the same thing with some of the greens that we grow in our backyard. We'll give it try next year.

You can always vary the recipe. Add any seasoning or garlic salt instead of salt or parmesan cheese. Hmm maybe I should try that next time...

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