Summer Night Market in Richmond @nightmarket604

I finally went to the Summer Night Market last Friday. This is the night market located at 12631 Vulcan Way (behind Home Depot on Sweden Way) in Richmond. There's free street parking (though you probably have to go very early or be lucky), and the paid parking is $4 to $5 depending on how close by it is.

The "it" items this year are mobile phone cases and...

...these stuffed toy head bouquets.

There's not much interesting item booths this year. The Richmond Night Market has more cutesy item stalls if you like that type of stuff.

In terms of entertainment, there's a centre stage which has a different lineup every night. See the full schedule on their website.

There was this little kid to the side of the stage that was so cute and pretended to rock and drum in time with the band playing. So adorable!

 There's also buskers to the side and a small amusement park area with rides but you have to pay.

The food stall area was as crowded as always. There were some of the familiar stalls as well as some new ones this year. Flavoured bubble waffles, turkey legs, Korean Poutine OMG (that's what the sign actually says!) and others.

At this night market, you have the choice of THREE stalls to purchase some twirly potato snacks. Hurricane potato fries, who claims they are the "original", Twister Potatoes  and ...rricane potato from Potato Farm. Twister and Potato Farm began their "discounted" price at about 10pm.

These are new. Following the lines of weather related forces of nature, now you can get Tornado Cakes in four different flavours!

 Dessert Time was serving a lot of deep fried stuff - banana, lychee, lotus, ice cream.

Mango Yummy was an extremely popular stall. Everyone seems to like mango! They served a variety of mango drinks and mango ice desserts.

I tried the Fresh Mango & Jelly Shaved Ice which has mango, coconut jelly, star jelly, agar and sago for $5.00. W opted for the Mango and pomelo which was either the same price or $5.50, I forget. Both had coconut milk. W said that the a mango ice options were better at the Richmond Night Market. But since I didn't get it there I can't compare. I liked this one. The jellies were nice and chewy but the mango was slightly sour. The the sweet coconut milk canceled that out though. It was a great drink to quench my thirst.

It is sure nice to walk around the night market with some friends and enjoy the food and entertainment! The Summer Night Market is open every Fri & Sat: 7:00pm -12:00am, Sun & Holidays: 7:00pm -11:00pm until September 16th!

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