Hiking up Mount Seymour

On Saturday morning, A, V and I drove up to Mt Seymour to do some hiking.

 The beginning of the trails.

We decided to go up Mount Seymour instead of Dog Mountain which came up in a Google search when I was investigating the hiking trails there. Next time!

 Here we go!

 The first sign of snow!
 There were a lot of rocks to climb over on the way up to the top.

I love taking pictures of the vegetation and all the sorts of things that people miss unless you take a closer look.
 Lichens and mosses are always interesting to photograph!

 Augh! Climbing up a rocky hill.

 Look at all this snow! I wasn't expecting to see snow in July! But it was kind of refreshing. We got a little lost around here. There were not signs or anything.

It's very quiet and serene up there. 

Go this way. We finally found the path again.

Cool lichens on a rock.

We were rewarded with this view. There were a lot of clouds...We went a little ways further but decided to turn back when other hikers said they couldn't see anything at all because of the clouds. Another day perhaps. We ended up mistakenly going down a ski run instead of the trail back. Oops. It was easier though! lol

As we were leaving, I spotted a raven in the parking lot. It's huge! It didn't like me getting so close though so it flew away. Before I could take more photos of it. =(

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