Samsung GSIII Demo with Heather Moyse and London Olympic Torch


On the drive back from Mt Seymour, I head about this event Samsung was doing at Metrotown. Since I had some time to kill before watching the fireworks, I decided to check it out.

Just outside the Samsung store was a demo station featuring their newest phone the Galaxy SIII.

Samsung is a worldwide partner of the Olympic Games so to celebrate the start of the London 2012 Summer Olympics, they brought in 2010 Olympic Gold medal champion, Heather Moyse to take photos. People also got to hold the London Olympic torch.

 An artist was also there drawing caricatures on the Galaxy Note.

While I waiting in line to take a photo with Moyse, a Samsung rep showed us all the cool features of the GSIII. I didn't need to be convinced that this phone is awesome. I already know!

My photo with the torch and Moyse. She even personalized and autographed it! =D The photo was taken with the Galaxy Note but the printer sucks! I wish I had gotten a photo with with my phone camera. Oh well.

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