In My Life, Pearl of the Orient - Hong Kong at Aberdeen


I went to see the Hong Kong display at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond a couple of weeks back. I've never been to Hong Kong before and was curious to what they would display to attract tourists such as myself there.

The exhibit is in the centre atrium of the mall and it drew a lot of people.

The main attraction was the Skyline of the Iconic Victoria Harbour made of LEGO, created by Canada's only LEGO® Certified Professional, Robin Sather.

It wasn't finished when I went but it is now! So if you love LEGO you should go take a visit!

 The background is entirely made of lego as well!

There were a lot more to see besides the LEGO display.

A rickshaw is there for people to sit in and take pictures! 

The fountain show comes on once in a while with music.

100 dollar bill! That's worth about $13 Canadian dollars.

I think this is the Stories & Items from a Simpler Time display. It's basically a two rooms of a house. Kitchen and dining room I guess.

I don't know what this giant juice box is suppose to represent.

Emily Lam created this pixel art of Choi Hung Estate. If you look closer, you'll see all the people in action within the building. Pretty cool!

One of the very popular displays were the tiny showcase of traditional street food stalls all created by miniature artist, Conny Wu. The detail in the miniature models are amazing! They all look so real!

Off to the side, there was the Monkey Hill display. Cute stuffed apes and monkeys chilling out on a "hill".

Geo created an interactive sculpture of Tino the Elephant head to capture all the memories of the past.

On the other side, a photography display by Birdy chu and Thomas Lin.

I thought the exhibit was pretty cool. I really want to see the Victoria Harbour in real life one day. The In My Life, Pearl of the Orient - Hong Kong exhibit will be up until September 3rd. For more information go to the Aberdeen Centre website.

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WW said...

Your post makes me want to go for dim sum!

DG said...

Just came back from there! The food art is amazing!