Day 2 Walking Montreal - Montreal, QC

Day two in Montreal, we decided to walk to Vieux Montreal and just do a little sightseeing on the way. The nice thing about traveling in the fall is all the beautiful colours we get to see. Up there is the view from our hotel room. This post will be mostly the photos I took as we were walking.

This hotel does not have a 13th floor!!! Bad luck so they removed it altogether?

 We set a leisurely pace, stopping by malls and such too. Haha.

 Didn't know Google had a Montreal office!

 The Bay!

They have a lot of bikes people can rent. I heard Vancouver is trying to do something like this but there was the issue of helmets since they are mandatory here.

I like taking photos of the French version of everything. HA!

 National bank! We were near the financial district.

The Palais des congrès de Montréal is a very colourful building.

 We stopped by here to take some mandatory jumping shots! I'm not very good at jumping...

After this, we the square where all the interesting things were like the BMO and the Notre Dame Basilica. Next post...

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shylesh said...

all your betta collections are awesome

i to have a blog on bettas

shylesh said...

all your betta collections are awesome

i to have a blog on bettas

Anneliese M said...

Hey! Don't know if you remember me from 1000 years ago but it's Scrii here haha, just stumbled upon your blog. When were you in Montreal? I was there on exchange from August-December and I fell in love with the place (especially during its fleeting autumn season), I really want to go back as soon as I can. So your photos make me a little homesick haha but they're lovely, and I love reading about your travel/food adventures!

Jenny said...

Scrii from Deviantart?! HI!!! How have you been? It has been forever. lol

I was in Montreal last October...I just am taking my sweet time posting about it lol. Yes, the autumn colours were gorgeous!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back soon! =)

Anneliese M said...

Yeah!! Sorry for the super late reply haha but I've been alright thanks, just in my last year of university now but hoping to get into an art college next year or something. :) And you? Apart from your awesome travel adventures?

And ah then I might've walked past you unaware! (you never know) I've also subscribed via RSS so I'll be keeping up. :D