Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball

My friend E is SUPER NICE and invited me to join her at the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball last Friday. Eeee! I was super excited and Gaga puts on quite a show. She has gotten a little weirder than usual for my taste, but to each their own. I still like her music.

We were sitting high up in the balcony and I only brought my tiny camera so the photos are not very good. Also we opted to skip the opening acts to have some food and drinks at Pivo so there are no pics of them. My sis said they weren't very good anyways. I was surprised that she started on time!

Lady Gaga came out on a black unicorn.

 Freaky floating disembodied "alien" head.

More weirdness. LOL She's giving birth to a new race or something. Is it just me or does that prop look like a big turkey?

We speculate that she's on a Segway.

Gaga came out of that egg and sang Bad Romance. My favourite!



Like last time, Lady Gaga called a lucky fan in the audience. Virgin Mobile donated $5000 to a charity because Nicole picked up her phone.

"I have something special for you...wait how old are you?"
"Oh never mind. We'll have some lovely tea...though I might put some whiskey in mine"


Gaga came out in her meat dress!

 Ha I love these meat grinders.

This is something you don't see everyday - Lady Gaga lounging on a meat couch wearing a machine gun bra.

Towards the end of the show Gaga even invited some lucky fans up to join her from the Monster Pit! They were ecstatic! 

I didn't think her costumes were as crazy as last time she was here. But the concert was as good despite some awkward moments (for me) when Gaga sort of condoned stripping...There was a little girl behind us!!! Sigh. Why are their parents even letting them go to these sorts of concerts?! Anyways, I had a great time and loved dancing to all of her songs. Thanks E for inviting me!

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mecindylewis said...

That was really
nice and she is very talented, I think it was worthy of the event.

Little Monsters
Love Lady Gaga”

Jenny said...

Yes, I really enjoyed it! I agree she's really talented and is really devoted to her fans!

michelle said...

LOL yes that prop is definitely turkey-like.

Jenny said...

That's what I thought. I was puzzling over that before I saw Gaga up on top of it going through labour pains. LOL