Toronto to Montreal by VIA Rail

Hoo. How long was it been since I blogged about Toronto? I guess I should continue on with my trip. Hahaha. So after the amazing dinner at Richmond Station, W and I packed up, said our goodbyes to our friend and left for Montreal the next morning. We rode the VIA Rail, which took us about five hours to get to Montreal from Toronto. We thought that it would be less of a hassle than taking a plane. We could sit anywhere we wanted so we took up all four seats since there was not a lot of people in our car. The bad thing was that though the car had WIFI, there was no place to plug in my devices to charge! Sigh.

I am glad we took the train. We wouldn't have been able to see all the scenery we passed by otherwise!

For lunch, we purchased food from the cart that came by. Chicken Noodle Soup was on the menu for $2 and Hummus & Flatbread for $3. I thought that it was actually soup but it was really Campbell's instant noodles! Not bad for only $2.

 We passed by a lot of farmland and the weather was just gorgeous!

We arrived in Montreal Central Station in the afternoon. We had to walk all the way to our hotel. It looked closer on the map. lol

 Beautiful colours everywhere in the city.

 We stayed at the Ville-Marie Best Western Hotel. It was quite a walk with our luggage in tow.

After checking in, we spent the rest of the day Simons, a clothing department store found only in the province of Quebec. The stuff found in there is a bit pricey in my opinion. But they do have their own brand, which costs less.

After that we left to find some dinner.

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