Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen

My friend M held her birthday dinner here in mid December. I didn't even know this place existed but apparently we passed by it on the way home when we ate at the English Bay Cactus Club and M wanted to try it out ever since.

You have to climb a flight of stairs to get to the restaurant. These are the decorations on the railing up top.

It's not a very big place but it's cosy and has very peaceful cultural music playing. A loved it so much that she wanted a copy of the CD!

We looked over the menu but almost every one of us ordered the Maasu Bhojan since it gave us a chance to taste a lot. It is a full course Nepali meal that includes chicken and lamb curries and a vegetable dish. Served with basmati rice, roti, chutney, salad and raita and includes choice of choila (potato) or aalu achaar (chicken).

Aalu Achaar - Potato salad garnished with lemon juice, mustard oil and mixed with Himalayan herbs. It was a cold dish and on the plate was (I think) rice puffs.

The main meal came in a metal tray. They give you quite a portion of basmati rice! I wasn't able to finish it.

From left to right: chicken curry, lentils soaked and cooked with Nepali spices and tempered with onion, cumin seeds and garlic (Vegetarian), and lamb curry. I chose mild for the curry and it is really mild. No spiciness at all unlike an Indian restaurant. The curry does remind me of Indian but it's less heavy. I loved the curry, they tasted great and the lamb wasn't gamey!

The whole wheat roti. It was good but I prefer the Malaysian version. Nepali style is more flat and dense.

I enjoyed my meal at Gurkha and I'd recommend it if you want to try authentic some authentic Nepali cuisine!

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