JOEY Bentall One

After having dinner at Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen, we went searching for dessert. Our party ended up at the Joey Restaurant at Bentall One.

It's a huge lamp!

Still full from dinner, I was only interested in dessert. As most of us were except for A!

 INDIVIDUALLY BAKED APPLE PIE toasted almonds, hand-folded puff pastry, caramel sauce with maple ice cream 8 
The birthday girl had the apple pie which was quite big! She managed to eat the whole thing! W. also had it but couldn't finish all of it.

HAPPY ENDING decadent chocolate cake, dulce de leche, maldon salt 8
K went with the special Happy Ending which looked very fancy!
 ITALIAN DONUTS lemon curd & vanilla mascarpone cream 6 
L tried the Italian donuts.

Wild and creamy mushroom soup with salad and grilled garlic toast $14
A. had a soup and salad! Apparently she wasn't full from dinner. lol

 MOLTEN LAVA CHOCOLATE SOUFFLÉ raspberry coulis & vanilla ice cream 8 
And I opted for the molten lava chocolate souffle. I was totally persuaded by the vanilla ice cream. hahah. My favourite. It was amazing. Sweetness poured out from the insides which was nicely balanced by the tartness of the raspberries. Very enjoyable dessert.

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