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Drinks are a must before attending a Lady Gaga concert, so E and I stopped by Pivo's last Friday to boozy up. And that was one of E's conditions when she invited me to the concert - I must drink with her. E's been here multiple times, usually before concerts. Pivo gets a lot of customers before shows due to its close proximity to Rogers Arena. Good thing I arrived a little early because a crowd of people showed up after me. We still had to wait about 15 minutes before a table freed up.

I was hungry! E recommended the flatbreads or the starters.

We started with Alizé red ($6.75). If you know me, you know that I don't drink very much but I liked it! It's like drinking juice. It's so dangerous. I could have had a few of these...

Pesto Prawn Flatbread $12.50 - Basil pesto, roasted red peppers, prawns, feta cheese and fresh basil
Taking her advice, I chose the Prawn and Pesto Flatbread. All the waiters called it pizza though lol. It was really good! Chock full of toppings and the bread was thin and crispy. The only thing wrong was how long it took to get to me!

Shaved Philly Au Jus $12 - Garlic baguette, shaved CAB beef, mushrooms, onions, roasted peppers, horseradish cheddar and au jus
E tried the Shaved Philly sandwich which comes with some gravy and your choice of fries or salad. It looked very good. I had some of the thin cut fries and they tasted yummy as well. They are cooked with a little bit of seasoning or pepper on them.

Finally we reached the alcohol. E took good care of me and chose some that she'd think I'd like. I loaded up on water first.

We each had two shots - a Lemon Drop ($6.50), which has the sugar rim and a Chocolate Cake ($5). I decided to down the Lemon Drop first since cake always ends the meal. I wasn't shy about licking off all the sugar either XD. I kind of sipped the Chocolate Cake. I tastes exactly like chocolate and I wanted to savour it!

Pivo is a great place convenient place to drop by before or after a concert or movie. Good food and drinks. If only the place could fit more people. It probably gets busy during hockey season because they also have a lot of TVs around!

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