W&G Wienstein & Gavino's - Montreal, QC

Our first night in Montreal and we didn't know what was in the area so W and I walked around until we came to some kind of pub/bar district. We kind of looked at all the menus and nothing really appealed to us until we passed by W&G. Italian in a French province. Ok, sounds good. The reviews were only ok on Urbanspoon but pretty good on Yelp but by this point I was tired and hungry, I just wanted some food.

They still had their Halloween decorations out back then. I thought the pumpkins were cute!

 The restaurant is big, comprising of two floors. The big kitchen was upstairs.

 Lots of wine displayed along the walls as well.

Each table was given a warm baguette with a dish of basil pesto in olive oil. This was a pretty big baguette. I got full just by eating it while I waited for my order to come.

Insalata di casa $13 Mixed field greens, apples, mandarins, grapes, goat cheese, parmesan, almonds, white balsamic and honey vinaigrette
W and I are very health conscience when we travel and like to always have our greens at every meal so we ordered the house salad to share. It was really good with all those ingredients!

W ordered a pizza, which looked so yummy. I think it had chicken in it. (Correct me if I'm wrong, W! And was it $18?)

Al funghi di bosco $16 - Portobello mushrooms, cream, basil, white wine, garlic
Hmm. I should have taken a photo before the waiter put the parmasean on it. I ordered the mushroom pasta with angel hair pasta. I think they make their pasta in house. I thought that the pasta was slightly overdone. Too mushy for my taste. It was ok, I probably would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't full from the baguette and the salad. lol In hindsight, we should have only ordered one main and shared everything. Too much food!

A little pricy for what the food was but we were kind of in downtown so I wasn't surprised. Nice warm atmosphere but the service could be improved. We were left alone for quite a while after being led to our table...with no menus or anything.

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WW said...

Don't remember the price of the pizza. It might been $18. It was such a long time ago haha. I remember I was full after 2 pieces. The salad was delicious!

WW said...

Remember how I packed up most of the pizza and we ate it for breakfast the next day?