Ebisu in Richmond

Last Friday, a few of us at work when to Ebisu in Richmond to bid farewell to a coworker who was going to Japan for six months. Ebisu has three locations and I've been to the one on Robson Street before and it was ok. They have good choices and happy hour on drinks.

Beef Teriyaki Boat $14.95 - Beef Teriyaki, Dynamite & California Roll, Salmon & Tuna Sushi, Assorted tempura

D had a boat. I think it's a good deal, you get so much stuff on it and it also comes with miso soup and Ebi Sunomono.

Sashimi Vancouver $15.95 (10 pieces) - Tuna (3), Salmon (3), Hamachi (2), Toro (2)
N and I shared three dishes. I wanted sashimi (like always). Everything tasted delicious though the tuna was still a bit frozen. Why is that? It's always the tuna! That green thing isn't a bean. It looked so much like one but when I bit into it...green onion. LOL

Ninja Kicker $9.50 (8pcs) - Prawn Tempura, cucumber & avocado in a spicy tuna & salmon wrap topped with Tobiko & green onions coasted in our original "kicker" spicy sauce!
The name of Ninja Kicker intrigued us, though normally we wouldn't go for spicy foods, we decided to try it. It does have a kick to it. There's also a Samurai sushi on the menu. We should have ordered that too and see who reigns supreme! XD

Beef Carpaccio $12.95 - thin sliced beef Tataki served with our homemade carpaccio sauce
Lastly, we ordered the beef carpaccio. It was a good sizable portion but the beef was still slightly frozen. lol Not too bad. It tasted pretty good. Those yellow things were pieces of mango!

The food was average, nothing special and prices are decent. You also get slightly frozen grapes at the end of your meal with the bill.

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