Broadway Across Canada 2013/14 Season Preview

Last week, Broadway Across Canada threw a 2013/14 season launch party at the Vancouver Playhouse downtown. It was pretty much a full house! The evening started off with some nibbles and drink in the foyer then migrated into the theatre for a special presentation. Nobody had any idea what we were going to see. 

Mike Shaeffer from 103.5 hosted the event. We were treated to some clips of the upcoming musicals - Les Miserables (June 12 - 23, 2013), War Horse (September 24 - 29, 2013), and West Side Story (February 4 - 9, 2014).

After the previews, War Horse production representative Scott Tucker came on stage to talk to us about the musical that won 5 Tony Awards. Then, what's this?! He called his helper on stage! Joey, the star of War Horse! 

This was a very pleasant surprise! Joey is an amazing Handstring puppet and it takes three people to bring him to life. He whinnies, snorts, breathes, and acts almost indistinguishable from a real horse thanks to the talented puppeteers.

Here is a clip of Joey in action, as well as an explanation of emotional indicators that make you perceive that Joey is a real horse:

The three puppeteers came out at the end to answer questions. If you watched the clip, can you believe it is the first time they have ever worked together? Amazing!

Of the three musicals coming out this season, I am most excited about War Horse. This little demo has me sold! Can't wait for tickets to go on sale!

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