G-List Bioshock Infinite Launch Party at EXP

On Tuesday, the G-List invited its members to a Bioshock Infinite game launch party at EXP restaurant + bar. There was a exclusive "G-Lounge" sectioned off at the restaurant just for us members.

Some one was playing the new Bioshock game on the big screen.

Nice to see some familiar faces from the G-List Halo tournament back in December.

The G-List and EXP was generous and provided us with some food as we mingled.

This was huge platter of dry ribs, honey spice chicken, mini grilled cheese sandwiches on a bed of fries!

Caramel popcorn!

We didn't exactly know what to expect at this event, we weren't given any direction but apparently it was just to mingle.

Ha, many of us at our table at one point started playing 7x7, which was one of the weekly challenges that the G-List puts out to gain experience points to level up in the forum, which unlocks perks. It was a little disorganized compared to the Halo event but still it was nice to meet the G-List members and we can't complain about free food! The Misters were mysteriously absent though...

What is the G-List? An exclusive gamers club sponsored by Futureshop. Active members get perks like discounts on games, free swag and other goodies! Want to join in the fun? Visit whatistheglist.ca to find out more and figure out the clues to gain entry. Or contact me for an invite! XD I still have two more. =)

Oh and I have an extra Bioshock Infinite Industrial Revolution mini game pre-order DLC for anyone who wants it! Comment below if you end up using it! Enjoy!

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