The Red Wagon

V invited a bunch of us for brunch at the Red Wagon but they don't take reservations so we had to  go super early so it was more like breakfast than brunch. haha We arrived at 9:30am and we still had to wait until 10:15 before there was an open table for the seven of us.

A red wagon is painted on the side of the restaurant. Look at that long lineup! The line was just as long if not longer by the time we finished our meal. It sure is a very popular place!

I heard that Red Wagon is known for their pulled pork pancakes. So I ordered the SUPER TRUCKER! There is also an option for Jack Daniel syrup for an extra $2.50, which I totally got!

Nice cup of hot coffee to warm myself up. The waitress even went to the lineup outside to see if anyone wanted coffee.

Super Trucker $14.75 - 2 eggs, 2 pulled pork pancakes, crisp pork belly, homefries, toast

Super trucker indeed! A slab of butter sat on top of  fatty pork belly, which sat on top of pulled pork on top of buttermilk pancakes. Talk about instant heart attack! I think it could have done without the butter, the pork belly is fatty enough!

Was the Jack Daniels maple syrup worth it? Probably...It tastes like regular maple syrup with a kick but only if you add enough onto your pancake. It doesn't taste any different if you use just a little. So if you like to slather your pancakes with syrup, then go for it!

One of my other friends just got plain buttermilk pancakes, with an egg and they put 2 slabs of butter on top. They sure do love their butter here. I can see why my friend chose this place (she LOVES butter XD).

It was a good brunch! I loved how everything tasted and was quite full afterwards. Great place for brunch just remember to go early to beat the crowd!

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