Olive + Gourmando - Montreal, QC

Olive + Gourmando came up as one of the places to eat in Montreal when I did research for my trip so W and I made our way there for lunch after seeing the Notre-Dame Basilica. Late lunch actually since I was very trigger happy.

Right when we went in, we were greeted with this cute chalkboard drawing.

This type of chalkboard writing appears all over the restaurant! I loved the atmosphere of it!

There's a bakery counter up at front and the kitchen at the back. I saw a lot of people coming and going purchasing the bakery items.

It was very busy even though it was afternoon. We had to wave down someone to get our names on the wait list. We didn't have to wait too long for a two person table (about 15-20 min) though I saw a family that was waiting for quite a while.

After we got our table, we were given some water and we had to order. There are no menus, how it works is that they give you a piece of paper with your table number on it and you have to go to the back and order.

There's the menu up on top. I imagine that it changes according to the availability of fresh ingredients. Everything sounded delicious.

I ended up choosing this salad, it looked so fresh!

In addition to my salad, I ordered a raspberry lemonade. Tasted very fresh and light!

le Pomme $10.95
W. ordered le Pomme panini,which had apples, ham and smoked cheddar cheese in it. I was told it was very delicious.

Salade de betteraves + buttermilk vinaigrette $14.00
Watercress, microgreens, red and golden beets, goat cheese. Man, it was delicious. Great salad, all the ingredients were so fresh and made me want to eat more of it!

I loved it. Loved the decor, the atmosphere and the food. Highly recommend!

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