The Neighbour's Restaurant & Pizza House

According to my friends, I've apparently been to this restaurant at least twice in my high school days. But I have no recollection of it at all (which is one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place) lol. So this restaurant has been on Victoria for a while now and has even recently been on an episode of the TV show "You Gotta Eat Here" on the Food Network! They serve casual foods like pasta, pizza, steak, Greek stuff. Being hungry as I was, I decided to go with Neighbour's Classic Special - the 6oz. New York Steak,which comes with salad and spaghetti.

The tossed salad was regular. Instead of dressing, I think it was some kind of vinegar they drizzle on. I didn't really like the sourness of it.

Neighbour's Classic Special - 6oz. New York Steak served with garlic butter mushrooms, spaghetti & meat sauce, garlic bread and tossed salad. $14.95
The portion was generous, I was very full after. I asked for medium-rare steak and it came out perfectly cooked. Excellent.

Kalamari $10.95 - Deep fried marinated squid served with tzatziki & garlic bread.
 We also ordered a Kalamari to share. It tasted great!

Saganaki  $9.95 Greek cheese, pan-fried in butter and served in a hot skillet with lemon wedges & pita bread.
One of my friends wasn't too hungry having eaten prior to us meeting up so decided to order an appetizer only. The waitress recommended Saganaki, and she felt adventurous so decided to get that. Don't get it on a full stomach! lol It does taste great. It's melted cheese that is fried and you eat it with some peta bread. Yeah, it's delicious but really filling!

Beef Souvlaki $9.95 Served with rice pilaf, greek salad, pita bread & tzatziki.
My other friend ordered the souvlaki, which was on special that night. It is a REALLY generous portion and she couldn't finish it all.

Overall, I liked the place. It's a great for the casual dinner to hang out with friends any night. I've also heard their pizza is good. Maybe I'll try it the next time I go!

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