Food Cart Fest 2013

The second annual Food Cart Fest is currently taking place every Sunday until September 22 at an empty lot between the Cambie Street Bridge and the Olympic Village. I went for a visit on the second week it opened.

This year there is an added admission fee. $2 or $5 for a family but Vancity members get in for free (hurray!). I arrived an hour after the festival opened and there was no lineup to get in.

However, not surprisingly, it was very busy in the inside.

Some lineups at the food carts were super long!

There weren't a lot of places to sit and not a lot of shade either. There are a couple of tents and tables in the centre of the lot though.

Nice music blasting in the background and there were some people break dancing!

 There was a bouncy castle and face painting and chalk drawing for the kids. 

Because of the heat on the day I went, Johnny's Pops were selling like hot cakes! I had to get one myself! I was going to get Avocado Lime but chickened out at the last minute and defaulted to Creamy Strawberry Lemonade. lol I'll be adventurous another day.

 It was very yummy and I wish I tried the other flavours!

After walking around a bit, I opted to try Le Tigre's beet fries.

 I also added on an apple/winter melon (?) drink because it was crazy hot and I was dying in the sun.

lol I was expecting crispy thin beet chips but these are good too. I usually don't like beets but mmm, I'd eat them all the time like this! Sweet beet fries with some mayo.

 I saw a lot of people also lining up for Dougie Dog so I decided to give it a try.

He was on Dragon's Den!

He was only offering a subset of his regular menu, which was the case for a lot of the food carts out there. They only serve the ones that fast to make!

Bacon Chili Cheese Dog. Pretty good! I like that the hot dog is the crunchy skin type.

There's way more food carts but I was super full already. Maybe I'll give the food cart fest another visit before the summer is over. They have since added a bazaar, performances and people walking around with mist machines to give you a cool down!

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WW said...

The Chef at Le Tigre was on Top Chef Canada Season 3!

Jenny said...

I know! Hahah maybe that's why I secretly chose his truck. XD