Hawkers Market

Hawkers Market is an underground food market, organized by Chris Jerome, that occurs monthly at East Van Studios in Strathcona. The last one was on July 6th and was the second one to be held since its debut in March.

Interesting decor. There's a dentist chair near the entrance. XD

There isn't a lot of seating, but there are some chairs at the entrance area and at the back. The delicious scents of Pella's Gourmet and Wonton Girl hit me as I walked in and made me instantly hungry.

Pella's Gourmet was selling their sauces: Cilantro Chutney, Grainy Mustard, Spice Mayonnaise. And there were samples to try.

 They were also selling some foods that featured their sauces.

Slow Roasted Lamb ($8) marinated in herbs and garlic topped with Pella's Grainy Mustard and served with coleslaw
The mustard sauce was really hot for me. (I'm a wuss) I should have gone with the Paneer Popper duo which uses a milder sauce.

Wow! The Wonton Girl folds her wontons so nicely! Mine always looks like crap. XD

Cute red takeout box for your wontons. 

Assorted Wontons ($3) with ginger and green onion sauce
The wontons were pretty delicious! Looks beautiful and tastes great as well. Good combination. 

Heading up into the main area, there were a lot more food vendors and people eating and mingling. Chapel Sound was playing tunes up stairs as well. The place had a nice hopping vibe to it! 

Yummus was serving up three types of tacos made with their yummy hummus. I liked the Classic Yummus the best.

The Pie Hole had savory and sweet pies on sale.

 In the mood for something Japanese? Let's Cooking was making Onigiri! Yum!

Ah, now out in the back, D. Original Sausage Co. had a big stand selling scrumptious salami and Bratwursts. They are really yummy!

That's all for the main course type vendors. Time for dessert! There were a lot of sweets to chose from!

From artisan shortbread cookies from Péché Mignon,

Asian themed cupcakes by Dolce Delights,

ice cream from Brown Paper Packages,

 a jelly made with VODKA from Dolly's Delicious Treats,
Smores from Sweet Lily Bakery,

 cookies and
 cupcakes from When Pigs Fly Pastries,

 Popsicles from Nice Pops,

 Chocolates from Bad Girl Chocolates,

to all sorts of natural, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free & soy free flavoured caramels from In the Oven! 

There was one other I didn't get a photo of, which was grain-free & tasty naturally delicious & chock-full of love Yay!-nola served with plain yogurt and fresh BC blueberries from We Against The Grain.

  For drinks, we had the option of Looters Lemonade

or Craft beer from Storm Brewing Co. on Tap.

The market was a nice place to hang out for an hour or two with your friends. There was a nice vibe going and the food was pretty good. It's nice to discover new local food companies! The $10 entrance fee may seem a little steep but understandably it's to cover the cost of venue rental, equipment and DJ so that it's a great and fun food party!

The next Hawkers Market is on August 10th and tickets are on sale now at hwkrsmrkt.eventbrite.ca and are $10 in advance. Stay up to date by visiting the Hawkers Market website here.

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