Ki Isu Japanese Restaurant Round 2

Crunch crunch roll (full)
This sushi place in Yaletown turning out to be the go-to place for my friends. lol Having been there last year to say farewell, one of the guys returned to Vancouver for a week to visit and chose this place again for old times sake. I don't mind at all since they have very delicious rolls! 

 Toro stack: Black brown rice, toro, green onion, nori, quail egg, garlic, avocado with drizzle of unagi Sauce
 Dark Sweet: Black Brown Rice, Asparagus, Tamago(egg), lettuce, Chopped Scallop, Tobiko, with Prawn Tempura and drizzled with Wasabi Mayo and BBQ sauce
 I liked all the rolls. I can't chose a favourite. The only one we haven't tried before was the Dark Sweet, which turned out very good as well. 

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michelle said...

i've never been to this place before and i'm your friend.

Jenny said...

Some of my friends. XD We should go!