Canada Day Steveston Salmon Festival


The Steveston Salmon Festival has been held on Canada Day every year since 1945. It's hard to believe but I've never been! So with friends in tow, I decided to go and experience Canada's biggest little birthday party on Monday. I drove there and arrived in the area just past 10am...and the traffic was horrendous. And all the street parking was taken. Thank goodness, after driving around for half an hour, we got one of the last spots of paid parking (only $5!) and was very close to the festival site, so it all worked out!

The parade started at 10am, I was afraid we'd already missed it but it was still going on and continued on after 11am. We arrived just when the floats came down the street. There were a lot of pirate themed ones! We didn't watch the whole thing mainly because we wanted to get in line for the salmon feast!

This was the food area. We saw a lot of people carrying plates of chow mein. Apparently very popular!

Ah we found the salmon BBQ! Every year over 1200 pounds of wild salmon filets are grilled over open fire pits. You can see the line long line up in the background, that isn't even half of it!

The line up keeps on going past us and around the building. I overheard someone say this isn't bad! Probably because the parade was still on. The line goes fairly quickly. I'd say we waited about 10mins. 

Wild Sockeye salmon cooking over an alder wood fire.

You get to choose from a white, whole wheat or multigrain dinner roll. I was bad and chose white. XD

Mmm delicious! That's two pieces of salmon! I was stuffed! The salmon isn't seasoned or anything but they have salt and pepper you can add on yourself. It had a nice smoky taste to it and smells really good!

W, M and I walked around after. There were a lot of booths to look at, a large kids area, and also a small trade show and flower and garden competition!

It was really fun! We left the area to see the tall ships after this. I'll write another post about that soon.

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