Spaghetei is a newish restaurant that serves Japanese style spaghetti! A,W, M and I were intrigued and  decided to give it a try after work. The restaurant is located on Robson at Denman where Benkei Ramen Noodle Shop used to be.

Plenty of choices. Some combinations I'm not too sure about so I stuck with a more Japanese sounding one. 

Garlic toast with home made garlic butter with spinach pesto
Complimentary garlic toast. Each person gets one piece.

Chaliapin ($12) - Grilled Sausage with house made Chaliapin sauce which is onion & garlic soy sauce.
 A decided to get the Chaliapin. She enjoyed it, said the combination of flavours was very good.

Mentaiko ($13) - Spaghetti tossed in spicy Mentaiko (cod roe) with Shimeji and dried seaweed on top.
W, M and I all decided to go with the Mentaiko. It says spicy but it wasn't spicy at all (just the way I like it XD). I loved it! I practically inhaled the whole dish. Who would have thought spaghetti would go well with non traditional sauces and toppings. This sure convinced me.

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