Wiener Dog Racing 2013

The annual wiener dog races took place at Hastings Racecourse is past weekend and I went on Sunday with K and M to watch the cute little dogs! It was crazy busy, way busier than two years ago when I last went. I was surprised Joey the reigning champion didn't win! A newcomer named Rocket took the prize of top dog. 

 Aww a lot of the dogs were pooped.

Call them, wave their favourite toy, do what ever it takes to get your dog to the finish line!

It's a feat just to finish! Many dogs veer off course. lol


Of course, besides the dogs, there were the regular horse races. It's very exciting to watch! I always enjoy a trip to the track!

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1 comment:

jeanblake80 said...

Those little pups are SO adorable. I need to get my new little guy his own dog collar</a with his name plates on it. They are so precious.