Dumpling Cook Off & Derby at Chinatown Night Market

Last Friday, Chinatown Night Market hosted the first ever Dumpling Cook Off. Tickets were $12 but the event was sold out ahead of time much to the disappointment of many. The cook off involved 9 chefs from local restaurants making there own interpretation of the classic dumpling. Pidgin, Wild Rice, Wildebeest, Chambar, La Mezcalaria, Sea Monster Sushi, Harvest, The Parker and Cibo.

The cook off was held in the parking lot on Keefer St.

This big dumpling trophy was awarded to the winner of the Cook Off which Pidgin!


Beside the Cook Off, the Dumpling Derby took place at 7:30pm. Two rounds dumpling eating madness. My friends and I all came down to root for K who entered just for fun!

The women competed first.

When the eating contest started, it would be very apparent who would win. The one who had eating contest experience!

Michelle takes the title of Dumpling Queen hands down! She just wolfed down those dumplings. 19 in 2 minutes!

Next the guys were up.

Man, these contestants were serious about winning! It was kind of disgusting yet fascinating to watch at the same time.

John win!

I hope they will do this dumpling thing again next year! It was fun!

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