Magical Duck Island at Richmond Night Market

Ah! There's giant duck in Richmond! Actually, there are two giant inflated ducks at the Richmond Night Market (the one with the $2 admission). W and I visited the duckies a couple weeks ago. The whole night market was duck themed, much to my delight.

There are a lot of these super cute duck statues around the market.

If you are looking for food, this is the night market to go to. I thought there are a lot more food stalls and a lot more different foods here than at the Summer Night Market.

Wow, the Rotato is sure pricey. $5.50 for one...but that doesn't stop people from buying them! We shared one with ketchup seasoning.

Got some Takoyaki. They are HOT. Don't stick them right into your mouth kids. Especially, when you already see your friend struggling to cool down her mouth. XD

To finish off, a Mango Sago from Mango Yummy!

Some of the other food stalls there at the night market:


 Besides the food, there is a carnival area, where a lot of the prizes are duck plushies!


There are these water balls you can be sealed in and roll yourself around on water! 

Food, games, merchandise; the Richmond Night Market is a pretty fun place to visit. It is open Friday to Sunday and holidays until October 14th, 2013.

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