Joe Fortes Happy Hour: Take 2

Last time K and I were here for happy hour, we vowed to return for the shrimp ceviche that our neighbour was having. This time we brought the whole family. It is my mom's (and mine) favourite restaurant after all! They make the shrimp ceviche is so good! It's

The ceviche comes with some coleslaw and plantain chips.

Yummy steak calamari again.

When we said we were going to order this, my mom was like a sandwich? No way can that taste good. Oh how wrong she is. Now she is begging us to bring her back for more of these mini lobster & shrimp rolls. She raved about them to my aunts hahaha.

Mmm oysters. Clean, fresh and creamy. Yum!
My dad had to eat something other than just the bar food so we ordered the sablefish for him! It is my favourite dish there!

Of course, this won't be the last visit! We want to try everything on the Happy Hour menu! Joe Fortes holds Happy Hour from 4 - 6pm every day.

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