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It's the long weekend so I'm sure a lot of people have plans to go down to the states...i.e. my aunt and mom. And when they go to Bellingham, it never fails, they always, always visit a buffet. They like it because the selection at the buffets much better than the ones here and cheaper too! Old Country, Wonderful and Super Buffet are the three that come to mind around the Bellis Fair Mall area. Last week, I went with them to do some shopping and we ended up at Super Buffet.

It's only $13.99 for dinner (drinks are extra) at Super Buffet plus you can get another 10% off if you download and use their coupon on their website

I like Super Buffet over Wonderful because of their Hibachi-style BBQ!

 You choose the foods the guy cooks for you and you also get to choose the type of sauce.

 Lots of meats to choose from for the BBQ.

 As well as vegetables. I always get mushrooms and beansprouts. You can add an egg as well. He'll ask you how you would like it cooked. 

 Super Buffet has a large sushi bar.

Around the corner is the cold stuff.

They even have crayfish! I tried one out of wasn't really good. (I felt like I was eating my pets. I used to raise marbled crayfish and they were the exact same size)

They have raw oysters; they are big ones. 

Cooked oysters and mussels are also available. It IS a buffet so I was dubious on how safe the raw ones were so I stuck with the cooked ones, which weren't that bad.

Snow crabs go quickly. There is a ginger crab option but my aunt tried it and said it wasn't really good. Stick with the snow crab.

Soup selection .

This sole fish is pretty good.

If you are looking for salad...this is all you're going to get. Yes, it's a very sad salad bar. That's why I look for my greens elsewhere in the cooked foods section. 

This is the one option I really like and they also go very quickly. Stir fried clams!

Dessert section.

Jello and canned fruits.

 Fresh fruit was also available and we took a lot of the watermelon. lol

Yum. A buffet is a buffet. Don't expect super good food. This place is decent and has a large variety of stuff (as long as you are not looking for salad). And it's a super good price!

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