Mattel Game On Party

Nothing beats a game night with friends! So when I was invited to host a Mattel Game On party, of course I said yes! First I had to take a quiz to see that my Gameology sign was! Mattel made this neat Facebook app that would determine what my gaming style is based on a little fun quiz.

Turns out I'm a Wittian!

"Wittians are cunning players who enjoy the psychology of gameplay. Outsmarting their opponents is just as rewarding to them as outplaying them. They are wary of luck and prefer to make their own using skill and guile. Wittians are generally trustworthy friends, but it should be remembered that at the end of the day, nothing will stop them from sacrificing you if it gets them a win."

Sounds like me to a fault! The other Gameology signs are Socialites, Activius and Strategicorn.

Mattel sent me a game kit based on my Gameology sign. Digging into the big, colourful box, I found five games: Apples to Apples, Angry Birds, Uno, Pictionary Dice and Phase 10. Mattel was nice enough to include things to use for the party like napkins and coasters!

When my guests arrived, I was in the process of preparing the food. A party is nothing without snack food! Everyone one loved the coloured napkins. Looks like there were more purple colour lovers in the group than in red ones!

Pictionary Dice

The first game we played was Pictionary Dice. We always loved playing Pictionary so was curious to see how this smaller version would work.

There are two colours of dice, one is a subject and the other is a descriptor. Each round, three subject dice and three descriptor dice are rolled and players from each team choose one subject and one descriptor to draw. Because it is the drawer's choice, the other team may or may not be guessing the same things! However, you know what they say about great minds! We found out most of the time we tended to pick the same subject and descriptor! After five rounds, the game is over and yahoo! My team was the winner! High fives all around! Because it is so short, we were able to play several more games of Pictionary Dice. (Which we also won, bwahaha!)

Angry Birds: Knock On Wood

The next game we played was Angry Birds: Knock On Wood. This game is based on popular Angry Birds game on mobile phones. Mattel has taken the digital game and translated it to the physical world!

Guess we are all still little kids at heart! This is what happened the instant the box was open. Everyone wanted to get a piece of the Angry Birds! Hands off so I can get a photo!

 Ok, now you can resume. Hahaha!

The involves recreating a structure with the pieces in the box then knocking it down! 

Hahaha my friends had so much fun playing this real life version of Angry Birds. Like in the digital world, you have to work through a lot frustration before being able to knock everything down! It's a lot harder than it looks!


The last game we played was UNO. Everyone was familiar with this game and we always have fun playing it.

The game involves putting down matching colours of cards in the pile. The only ways to change the colour is if you have the same number in a different colour or have a wild card. The objective is to get rid of all your cards in your hand. When you get down to your last card, you have to cry "UNO" otherwise you get penalized! It's funny because usually the first one who gets UNO is not the person that wins! I must confess, I have horrible luck in choosing the right colour to prevent people from winning!

Source: michelletn17
The night was winding down and everyone got a some party favours courtesy of Mattel before they left.

Source: michelletn17
You can find out more about Mattel's fun games on their website: Also check out their Facebook Gameology app: You can find out what your Gameology sign is and also enter to win some games of your own!

Thanks Mattel for such a fun night of game play! Everyone loved playing the games!

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