Hawksworth #BrunchClub

Located at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver, Hawksworth restaurant held a special two day Brunch Club on the long weekend. It was promoted via social media and anyone who mentioned the Brunch Club would get their friend's brunch dish comped. Basically, a two for one deal. Sounds good to me! So I managed to convince W, M and K to join me. Of course, that meant we had to push our morning run to an earlier time but it was worth it!

Very nice center piece decorating the tables. 

 I was deciding between the sablefish brandade or the smoked chicken hash. Both sounded delicious!

classic eggs benedict caramelized ham, hollandaise 18
M opted for the classic eggs benedict with caramelized ham and hollandaise, house potatoes and tomato foundue.

smoked chicken hash sunny side eggs, corn, wild mushroom, peppercorn sauce 19
 K went for the smoked chicken hash. I tried some of this. Pretty good. I liked the mushrooms.

pacific sablefish brandade poached eggs, tomato, chorizo, watercress, grilled bread 19
So I decided to get the sablefish brandade instead. W also ordered this. The brandade tasted like mashed potatoes with lemon thyme with a hint of fish. I loved the fried, crispy chickpeas in the tomato.

Brunch was pretty good and it was such a great deal at half price! We saw an amazing looking burger that someone ordered at the table next to us. And the dungeness crab spaghettini! And the...Ah, maybe next time! 

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