Tandoori Kona

The place around where I work is a food desert, so to really find anything, I have to drive further into Richmond. I joined a couple of my co-workers the other day who were craving from Indian food. They chose Tandoori Kona, which is located in a strip mall on Cambie Road at No. 5.   

A small little place which gets busy with the lunch crowd. We all ordered the Lunch Special, which costs only $8.95 and comes with naan bread, butter chicken, potatoes, some kind of lentils (maybe), rice and a small salad.

It was ok. I've tasted better butter chicken but it was decent. You don't get a lot though. Just two pieces of chicken and two pieces of potato and the rest is sauce. Wish I had more rice to eat the sauce with. 

The naan was pretty good. This one is plain but they also have other special ones available like garlic naan and naan stuffed with chicken or lamb. It's good to soak up all that excess sauce!

The meal set was decent and a good option for lunch. 

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