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I had dinner at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts' Bistro101 last Thursday. My friend, J, had a few extra Groupon vouchers that he couldn't use so I purchased one off his hands. I had been meaning to try Bistro101 for a while now, ever since I found out about it during Dine Out Vancouver.

Located on False Creek, Granville Island, Bistro101 is a restaurant was created to provide 'real-world' training experience for the school’s professional Culinary and Baking & Pastry Arts students. Student chefs prepare a different menu each day for guests to try.

A 3-course meal is $24 with the option of adding an extra appetizer for an additional $4. I decided to take that option so that we could try the all the appetizers!

Yummy complementary bread to start, baked fresh from the Institute's bakery! There were four type of bread in the basket. I liked the cheese stick and garlic crunchy thing the best! So good.

Salmon Tartare
After the bread, we were brought an Amuse-Bouche - Salmon Tartare! Raw salmon in a cone of spicy cream. I could have a few more of those...

Sauteed Tiger Prawns with sesame coleslaw, cucumber coulis and toasted almonds.

Thai Coconut Soup. Kaffir lime, galangal ginger, red peppers, cilantro.
I ordered the Sauteed Tiger Prawns and Thai Coconut Soup for my appetizers. I especially loved the tiger prawns. The soup was a bit too spicy but I still liked it.

Mahi Mahi Fish Taco - beer battered mahi mahi with cabbage, sweetcorn salsa and chipotle mayo.
K ordered the fish Taco and I tried one. It was ok. Heh. The bread and these appetizers are more than enough for me. I was already full and I still hadn't had my main yet!

Seafood Gnocchi with braised octopus, steelhead trout, asparagus and rose sauce
I was interested in the quail but I had quail at another restaurant last week so I decided to try the Seafood Gnocchi instead. It was delicious but I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't already so full. lol

Chicken Scallopini with mashed potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and lemon caper sauce
K ordered the chicken Scallopini but she didn't think it was very good. It was too sour and it was sitting in a ring of grease that made it look unappealing.

Now on to the dessert!

S'mores Chocolate Pot with a mashmallow fluff and homemade graham crackers.

I tried the S'mores Chocolate Pot and it was HEAVENLY. Oh. So. Good. All thoughts about being full were gone.

Chocolate Cake with mocha mousse and cream cheese icing and bourbon caramel sauce

K ordered the Chocolate Cake and it looked very pretty! It had a sugar cage and a cocoa powder maple leaf! Even the table next to us took notice of this dessert.

I had a great meal at Bistro101. Great food, great service. I love how they have a different menu every time so you always get to try something different! Now I understand why my friend bought so many Groupons to this place. I will definitely be back!

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