Red Lobster, Portland OR

After we arrived in Portland, we stopped by Washington Square to meet up with the others and do some shopping. We passed by a Red Lobster on the way and decided to have dinner there. We see a lot of commercials on TV but there are none in Vancouver!

Live lobster tank at the entrance. I love the decor.

 Complementary warm scones. These were really good. Very loose, soft and moist inside, not dry at all.

The dishes we ordered all come with either a salad and we can choose from rice, mashed potatoes, or baked potato.

I had a lobster tail with grilled prawns and scallops. Pretty good! Every lobster also comes with melted butter. I thought it is unnessesary, the lobster is good on its own without butter.

Aunt A and I decided to share a half dozen of oysters as well. I have no idea what type it is and the waitress didn't either but they are HUGE. I have a preference for small oysters and I didn't really enjoy these ones. They were too fleshy and fishy. The waitresses messed up and duplicated the order so we had twice as many to finish too! Bleh. Everything else was good though. The lobster was very tasty but I don't think it is something I can eat it everyday. lol

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