Rock of Ages - a Welcome Blast from the Past


I went to the opening night of the funtastic Rock of Ages musical on Tuesday. I was invited by Natalie, a friend who works for Broadway Across Canada, to join her and 9 others to dress up and have fun at the Rock of Ages opening night. How could I say no?!

I am an 80s baby so wasn't old enough to remember any of these fashion fads that were popular at the time. But in my research for my costume, there were a few items in my own wardrobe that I could use - jean jacket and tights! If only they were neon coloured. Haha. I even wore sequins. You can never be to sparkly. Hahah can you tell I have shoulder pads stuffed under my white jean jacket? Also you can't see but I put purple eye shadow on. Heehee! I had so much fun dressing up!

Rock of Ages is set in L.A. in the 80s where small town girl, Sherrie, who dreams of being an actress, meets Drew, who dreams of being a rock star. But their romance was nipped in the bud when the Bourbon Room, where they both work, is set to be torn down to make way for big box retail stores. The Bourbon Room is where the world famous band Arsenal started and the Bourbon's owner Dennis Dupree gets the lead singer Stacee Jaxx to perform the band's last stint there to generate support from the locals before Stacee breaks off into a solo career. Things go terrible wrong for Sherrie and Drew that night and ends up splitting ways. But love and dreams have a knack for finding a way through all adversity. Power to the proletariat! Sparkles, rainbows and unicorns!

I had a lot of fun at Rock of Ages. It certainly isn't a musical for children given the amount of swearing and sexual innuendos. I wasn't prepared for how FUNNY it was (despite the vulgar humour from Lonny, the narrator and Dennis Dupree's friend). I really enjoyed it. It was an experience to see all the 80s costumes and language. The songs were great, some of my favourites: We Built This City, The Final Countdown, Any Way You Want It, Hit Me With Your Best Shot and the end song Don't Stop Believin'! By the end of the night, the whole theatre was up and rocking and dancing in their seats. If that isn't an indication of how much we enjoyed it I don't know what will.

If you want to read more about Rock of Ages, check out Natalie's interview with star Matt Nolan who plays Stacee Jaxx here. You don't want to miss this fun, all 'round good time musical which is only playing until Sunday, May 13! Tickets are still available at Ticketmaster!

Thank you Natalie and Broadway Across Canada for the wonderful night!

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