Lego Store Grand Opening Building Event

The Lego store at Oakridge Centre is officially open! During the 3-day grand opening this past weekend, the Lego store was super busy and also held a building event in the West Galleria.

LEGO Master Builder Erik Varszegi was busy building the 8 foot tall model of R2-D2 completely out of LEGO bricks!

And his helpers were also busy building blocks out of little blocks that Erik will use.

Those that participated in the building were awarded a certificate of achievement from the Lego Store. =)

It took 3 days to finish the huge R2-D2 and at the end, to celebrate there were some giveaways for the kids that participated!

This 8-foot R2-D2 will be on display until next Saturday, when it will be disassembled and shipped off to another city so if you want to get photos with it don't delay!

 Here are some of the photos of the store:

 I like how the ceiling is a Lego block!

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