RhodoFest 2012


The 24th annual Burnaby Rhododendron Festival was held on Sunday and being the garden fanatic I am, I had to go check it out. It was held at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts at Deer Lake in Burnaby.

I was most interested in the silent auction and also very interested in the plants being sold there! But ugh! I didn't have enough cash with me to be able to get any of the auction plants. I did manage to score a mauve lilac for $5, a wine-coloured clematis for $1 and a Stella d'Oro Daylily for only $1. What a steal!

I didn't get any rhododendrons or azaleas because of the cash problem but I was interested in quite a few and am determined to get them next year. They are so beautiful!

  It wasn't just rhododendrons and azaleas being sold, other garden societies were also there selling their own awesome plants - shade plants, dahlias, fuchsia, to name a few. There were music performers, costumed performers, a pottery society, art, kite flying, so many things happening all at once!

Here's my haul:

I hope the lilac will look like the right photo. lol the lilac is just a spindly stick but I dawdled too much and someone bought the other two by the time I circled back! That's when I decided I needed to get the last one. I should have bought some more plants but I have only two hands!...a reoccurring problem. I think I need to start bringing a wagon to these events. Hahah

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