Golden Great Wall Restaurant


On Mother's Day, I not only have my own mom to make happy, I have two other aunts to as well - the perk of having a large extended family. -___- So I usually just treat them all to a dinner. This year, we went to Golden Great Wall Restaurant.

The waitress gave us a choice of some set menus - 3 of them and we ordered what we thought was the cheapest which was $268. But turns out that they had 4! There was $208 menu which had spring rolls that all the other tables were enjoying. They had cut that one off the paper menu when that they gave to us! D=< Our menu items were ok though but the food was only average. The only thing that I really liked was the "Happy Family Soup". That was really good.

Appetizer - 5 kinds of cold cuts

Two crabs

Peking Duck - 1st course

Peking Duck - 2nd course

Prawns Shanghai Style

Happy Family Soup

Fish with wine sauce

Seafood Yee Mein

Green Vegetable with 2 kinds mushroom

Shanghai Crispy Chicken

Deep-Fried Red Bean Pastry


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