Car Free Day on Commercial Drive


It was Car Free Day Vancouver this past Sunday and various streets in Vancouver were blocked off to have a fun pedestrian-only festival. I went to the Commercial Drive one and there was so many people!  Commercial Drive was blocked off from Venables Street to North Grandview Hwy/Central Valley Greenway Bike Lane and the street was filled with people all the way down! There were a lot of street performers roaming about, dancers, and lots of food to eat! I had a great time walking down the Drive taking in the sights!

There was a stall that made a little display on how much you saved assuming you took a bike or walked to car-free day (not everyone did, I myself took the bus).

 If you biked to the festival, there was a Bicycle Valet set up for you in a parking lot!

Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria was giving out pizza samples and had gelato on sale for only $1!

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