#PalkiPassion at Palki Indian Restaurant, Commercial Drive

Palki Passion is a VanEats.ca dining package that had me drooling for a while now. I finally redeemed it on Monday and I was very satisfied. Palki serves up authentic Indian Cuisine on Commercial Drive (they have another location in North Vancouver).

 Palki has a spacious interior, very modern and nicely decorated.

Vegetable Samosa, Lamb Barrah Kebob, Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Prawn, Murg Malai Tikka
The dining package consists of a 7 item meal which includes a mixed platter, butter chicken and Onion & Cilantro Naan and you get to choose from very mild, mild or spicy. I can't take the heat so I opted for very mild. 

Our meal took a while to come out but the service was excellent - very friendly and attentive. When our meal finally came, they brought everything at once, sizzling hot. Everything smelled so good and tasted delicious. I especially loved the samosas and the lamb. 

Butter Chicken
Even at very mild, the butter chicken was still a little too spicy for me. It still tasted amazing though and there was a lot of it!

Onion and Cilantro Naan
My main reason for purchasing the package was because of the Naan. It looked soooo good in VanEats.ca's promo video that that was all it took to convince me. And yes, it was as good as I imagined it to be. It's also humongous so there was enough to just be satisfied with my own piece and not go ahead and eat my sister's. =P

At only $14 this meal was a steal! Hurry there's only 14 passes left and the last day to use this pass is on June 11! Purchase Palki Passion at Vaneats.ca.

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