Eat! Vancouver 2012

Eat! Vancouver was on this past weekend and if you didn't know, it is an annual food and cooking festival that features celebrity chefs, restaurants, food manufacturers and wineries from around the world! It was held at BC Place Stadium this year and there were a lot of things to see and eat!

At Hills Foods Ltd, they were selling all sorts of game meats as sliders or sausages. We got to try some Ostridge sausage! 

Keeping with the exotic foods theme, at the Coyote Ranch booth, they were serving Llama! I liked the jerky the best and so did everyone else. It was sold out by the end of Sunday!

I stopped to watch Chef Rob Feenie make a lobster and bacon mac n' cheese. I usually don't like mac n' cheese because of some bad experiences but this one was pretty good! I think the secret was all the butter, lobster, bacon and butter. =) Chef Feenie says not to count the calories just say "mmmmm"!

The Dairy Famers of Canada hosted Cheese Seminars and boy where they popular. People started standing in line up to one hour in advance! 

 The SalaThai booth had amazing carvings on display!

 Bite of Vancouver restaurants were serving up some yummy dishes.

This year there was a chocolate sculpture competition (which I missed on Sunday)

 Later in the day on Sunday, the chocolate sculptures were replaced by entries to a  plating competition.

And the rest of the show:

Cheers! Until next year Eat! Vancouver!

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