Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch Party in Vancouver #GS3Launch


Samsung Canada threw a big party on Wednesday at Venue in Vancouver for the pending launch of their newest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII! Guests got to get their hands on the phone and enjoy a concert afterwards.

We were given cool light bracelets as we entered. Right at the entrance, the demo station was crowded with people trying out the amazing smartphone.

The Galaxy SIII has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen, is very lightweight, and is more curved and slightly larger than the S2. I heard many people commenting on how beautiful the screen is!

Samsung has introduced a boatload of cool new features in this new phone. Some of the awesome new features are: being able to take a photo while taking a video, Social Tag, which is a face-recognition in photos (can auto-tag photos), auto-select best photo, Smart Stay, which lets the phone recognize if you are looking at it and if not turns off screen, and a cool picture in picture type of feature, which lets you do two things at once such as watch a video and browse at the same time (see photo above)!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is being released to the Canadian market on June 27th. It was delayed due to unprecedented worldwide demand and I can understand why!

After playing with the GS3, we entered to to find dancers and models dancing to cool beats and posing with the beautiful phone.

Everyone's bracelets were flashing and looked really cool!

Complementary bottles of water. Got to stay hydrated at a concert!

 There was an artist drawing on a Samsung Galaxy Note in one corner...

 ...And a candy bar in another! Coke gummies, jellybellies, sour keys, candy bars, and cotton candy! Mmm! Sugar overload!

Before the band came out, the President of Samsung Canada addressed the crowd and told us how excited he was for the Galaxy S3 and because it is a rocking phone, Samsung invited a rocking band to perform for us. Vancouver got to rock out with Down With Webster! Sam Roberts Band performed at the Montreal launch party while Cobra Starship played in Toronto.

The concert was amazing! Everyone was dancing and singing along. There was a lot of energy in the  place. 

Thanks Samsung Canada for the awesome party! Can't wait for the Galaxy SIII!

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