Rotary Farmers' Market - Redwood City, CA

When I was in Redwood City, California, I got a chance to go to the Rotary Farmers' Market which happens every Tuesday from 4pm - 8pm in downtown Redwood City.

I was excited to go to a farmers' market outside of the Vancouver area and explore the city a bit. The farmers' market was held at Courthouse square, near the theatre district.

Lots of palm trees around the area.


Fox theatre
The Fox Theatre was right across from the courthouse. Little did I know, President Obama would be at the Fox Theatre the next day! So when I watched the news the next day, I was like I KNOW that place! I know what they were talking about!

There were lots of stalls to look at and I bought a few donut peaches at one of them. The people were so nice and gave me an extra! I wish I could have bought more. They were very sweet!

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